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Empowering You to
Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit

Who We Ar

Who We Are

Life is not supposed to be difficult, in fact it's meant to be easy and fun.

We are meant to heal from within and create the life that we truly desire.

Most of us just have not been taught these ancient truths. I know that it’s time,

and if you’re reading this then it is your time! 

Transformational Coaching by jenergy Healing hands


Workshops and classes by jenergy

Workshops + Classes

Image by Mohamed Nohassi


“When I finish a remote energy session, my body feels so vibrant that when Jen asks me if I have any questions, they have all disappeared.  I often start a session with physical and emotional turbulence and a little ways into it,  I can feel that dissipate into a beautiful feeling of joy and peace. Jen has a way of teaching during the sessions that I am able to bring what I have learned from her throughout the days and weeks to heal myself.  My ability to enjoy my everyday life is growing by leaps and bounds.”

Danielle L


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Jen Fedorowicz Bioenergetic “Energy”Healer, Transformational Coach and Spiritual Mentor

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