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Jen Fedorowicz Bioenergetic “Energy”Healer, Transformational Coach and Spiritual Mentor


jEnergy is about guiding individuals to awakening to remembering their true self, the true magnificence that is within us all. Jen shares her trainings and life experiences with compassion and care, holding a safe space for each person to explore and awaken in their own right time. 

About The Founder, Jen-

You are a magnificent being having a human experience and I will help you awaken to that truth.

Teaching has always been in my bones, and as a result I am a continuous learner.  I was an elementary school teacher for 15 years before becoming a yoga teacher and opening a yoga studio. As a yoga teacher I became interested in energy and was trained in reiki.

Soon after I discovered Dr. Sue Morter and The Energy Codes@. It was then that my life truly changed.

In my years of study with Dr. Sue I truly awakened to who I really am. Years of feeling insecure, self conscious and unworthy melted away as I began to awaken to the magnificence within me and my connection to all things. It is who we all are, beautiful spiritual beings here to awaken to the fact that we are spirit having a human experience. We are here to awaken to that and the fact that we are powerful creators. It has become my life’s work to teach others and help them awaken to the magnificence within them. As we become aware of this truth, life shifts in what seems like magical ways. Relationships, abundance and health all begin to align as we learn to align to the energetic being we are. It all begins with the breath.

I hold certifications in Reiki, Bioenergetics (B.E.S.T.) Spiritual B.E.S.T., Remote healing, breath work and meditation.

You are just a breath away from discovering your true magnificence.

Jen Fedorowicz Bioenergetic “Energy”Healer, Transformational Coach and Spiritual Mentor
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