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Anxiety = Awakening??

ANXIETY is everywhere. Our fast paced, overwhelming world has created a culture where anxiety is commonplace. Most of my energy clients, even the elementary school children I work with, share struggles with anxiety. There was a time in my life as a young woman that anxiety meant frequent uncomfortable trips to the bathroom, often causing me to be late or even miss an event.

Anxiety is considered a disorder characterized by excessive worry, uneasiness and apprehension. But what if I told you that energetically, anxiety is a deep part of you that wants to awaken, come on line and be realized. What if you could shift your mind and realize that experiencing feelings of anxiety actually means you are on the impetus of growth as a spirit being.

We can call it energy or spirit, science refers to it as energy and spirituality refers to it as spirit, but they are one in the same. We are spiritual beings ultimately here on earth to awaken to our truth.

The real question then, is how do we shift the uncomfortable, often debilitating, feelings of anxiety to the realization that there is an awakening wanting to occur from deep within? And how do we shift the surge of discomfort that we feel ?

The anxiety response is shifted when we begin to breath low in the belly. The lower lobes of our lungs are full of nerve endings that activate the relaxation response (the parasympathetic part of our autonomic nervous system). When you are feeling anxious you are most certainly in the state of fight or flight. With just a few deep, slow breaths the body will begin to shift into a calmer state.

It is even more powerful to realize that you have the power to control your inner environment regardless of what is going on outside of you, and that’s where a MEDITATION PRACTICE comes in. If you were to set the alarm clock 15 minutes earlier each day and sit with yourself, breathing slowly and connecting to your inner world you would begin to feel much more in control of your thoughts and feelings. Starting your day connected and in control will stop anxiety before it ever begins.

There are many people who will say they don’t have time to meditate and especially during these stressful holiday months, but there is a Zen proverb that goes….

“Meditate for 15 minutes daily,

and if you don’t have the time meditate for an hour.”

In addition to being an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I am a breath and meditation coach. If you need help, come see me for a session. I will help you get control of your anxiety. In the meantime, take a few deep breaths......



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