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I'm Not A Creative Person....

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

So many people I know say, I'm not the creative type, or I'm not very creative. Heck, I actually used to say that myself. But I want you to know it's not true. I know this because my work is all abut the quantum reality that we are all living in and what I've come to know is that each of us is creative to the core. You, my friend, are made of CREATIVE ENERGY. What I see around me is a world full of people that do not understand this creative energy. They have not awakened to the fact that they came here to create.

It's the reason each one of us is now living on the planet. As spirit, before descending into a body we see the whole picture, we have the "birds eye" view. And we say I'm ready! I want to go back to experience the 3rd dimension and I want to see if I can get it this time. Can I wake up and realize that the life I am living is my creation?

Then we land in this 3 dimensional reality, we splat and forget. We get all caught up in the illusion that this reality is and although we are still creating it is not happening with intention. When we have been creating unconsciously we can create some things that we are not very happy with. And then we think, of course I have no power to create in my life, because I can tell you I definitely would not have intentionally created THIS!

As we awaken little by little and come into higher states of consciousness we begin to see the power that we have and we begin to come into command our our creativity. Ohhh, and that is when life really starts to get good!!! If you've read this far I know you are coming into higher states of consciousness, because if you weren't you would have stopped reading and thought.... she's weird I don't know what she's talking about. 😉

I'm not saying anyone is any better than anyone else. We are all just living at different levels of consciousness and as you grow and expand you become more integrated, grounded and intentional with your life and your creation.

The energy of the Universe, the Unified field, Source or God, there are many different names for this energy, is what created you. What I would love for you to understand is that it is not separate from you. This powerful, creative energy is flowing through you. It always has been and always will be until you transition from your body when you're done living here on earth. But it never goes away, it is infinite, it is powerful and it is LOVE.

Our Universe and everything in it is made of LOVE, the creative energy of unconditional love. Even the people that we observe doing what we would judge as horrible things, they too are made of this powerful love. They just don't know it. When we awaken to this Universal truth and begin to feel the love that we are it becomes so much easier to step out of judgement. I am not saying to lose compassion. That is different. There is so much happening in our world right now that is extremely sad. There is a loss of human life and a loss of respect for human life. But no matter what is happening, all sides are caught up in the fact that they think are right.

How many times have you had an intense conversation with someone and you were not budging on your stance? You know you are right! But the funny thing is that the person with the opposite opinion knows just as intensely that they are actually RIGHT! So who is right? What is the truth?

The truth is LOVE. The truth is if we can look at the opposition with any amount of compassion and respect and remember that we are both made of unconditional love then maybe the judging and arguing will fall away. As long as we are looking at another person and believing they are wrong or holding judgment for their actions than we are stuck in the energy of conflict. And because we are connected to the same universal field of energy, we are not separate beings, then we all contribute to the energy of our world.

So just to clarify this important point: If you disagree, fight against or judge a person or idea on the planet you are actually contributing to the energy of conflict.

Is it easy? Heck no, it takes practice. For the past year I have been thinking about what unconditional love really means. I catch myself regularly feeling disgust, anger or resentment for people or situations and when I do, I pull in the reigns and find my heart. Then I deepen my breath into my belly and I remember who I am, what the truth of this Universe is and EVERY being in it. I reconnect with the feeling of unconditional love, creative essence and I begin again walking from that place. I know this for sure, it's worth it because it feels really good. And if I feel good and I am at peace, then I'm contributing to the energy of our world in the best way I can.

I have created a guided meditation that takes you through the feelings in the body that match the energies of your highest self. It will tune you into the creative essence that you are so you can feel better and contribute to the rising of consciousness. We know that EVERYTHING is energy, including you. Wouldn't you like to feel in command of your energy and the life you are living? You can find that meditation here:

Much Love,


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