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YOU are the CREATOR of your life.

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I saw Top Gun-Maverick the first night it was in theaters. The sequel came out 36 years after the original, and for me it did not disappoint. (But I’ve always had a thing for Tom Cruise ;)

This is not a movie review, but think about the last movie you saw. Or even better, think about a time when you were sitting in the theatre watching a movie and it was horrible.

If you wanted to change what you were watching on the screen would you walk up to the screen to change it? No, those are just images being projected onto the screen from the movie projector. If you wanted to change the movie, you’d have to change it in the projector.

Quantum science has shown that our lives are just like a movie. Each of us is a quantum being, so much more than a 3 dimensional body living on Earth. And the life that we are living is being projected out through us. In other words, your life is your creation. And YOU have the power to change it in any way you like.

Life is NOT happening TO you… YOU are CREATING your life!

This is the basis of my work. The study of bioenergetics is the study of the energy of the body. This energy is moving through us and is also around us. We are NOT separate entities walking around on the Earth. We are all connected to each other and the energetic field around the earth. The Energy Codes, The Field, The Divine Matrix, The Biology of Belief are just a few of the books available that explain the field and our incredible power when we begin to understand our connection to it. Each one of us has the ability to master this energy of infinite possibility and to shift our lives in any way we desire.

It all starts within. Think about your “movie” and something you’d like to change in your life. Maybe it’s your health, or a relationship. Maybe you’d like more abundance or joy. I promise you, if there is something you desire in your life, it is meant for you and you have the power to make it happen. For most of us if it’s not happening the way we would like it to, it's because there is interference from thoughts, beliefs and programs we have grown up with. We have accepted these beliefs and therefore keep creating the same life day after day and year after year because no one has taught us of our incredible power. When you’re ready to step into your creative power, come see me for an energy session. In the meantime, notice your thoughts. Everything comes to you through the power of your thoughts. And no one else can think your thoughts. Your movie can change at any time, it all starts within YOU.

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