Join Jen Fedorowicz, Founder of jEnergy, as she walks you through the 7 Energy Codes with a weekly video lesson!


WEEK ONE: When we're living in our heads we never feel completely at home in the body. The Anchoring Code is about learning to drop down into the body and start living and operating as our true selves. As soon as we start practicing this anchoring on a regular basis we begin to feel better and the healing process begins.


WEEK TWO: The soul speaks to the body, the body speaks to the mind, but often the mind isn't listening. In The Feeling Code we turn our awareness inward to focus on where we feel things when friction is happening in life. Finding the friction in the body and breathing through it begins to clear the friction in life.


WEEK THREE: When a traumatic experience is not resolved it is held at the sub-conscious level. The Clearing Code releases stored traumas and realigns the nervous system updating a new message for the sub-conscious.


WEEK FOUR: Love is the universal solvent.To heal the body we must be in the body. To heal the body quickly, we must be in the body in love. The Heart Code practices connect you to the healing vibration of love. 


WEEK FIVE: When energy isn't flowing in your body it isn't flowing in your life. The Breath Code practices help you to awaken the energy in all chakras so you are manifesting yourself in the world as the powerful creator you were born to be. 


WEEK SIX:  The thoughts we think, the foods we eat, the way we breathe all contribute to the chemistry of the body. The Chemistry Code practices help to create a body chemistry that is equated with peace, harmony, joy and self-healing. 


WEEK SEVEN: The Spirit Code- Coming Soon

The Energy Codes- Video Series

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